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With lots of different brands of mobility scooters on the market we stocked replacement mobility scooter batteries to fit most brands

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With lots of different brands of mobility scooters on the market we stocked replacement mobility scooter batteries to fit most brands. Almost without exception, all mobility scooters have a 24V battery case, containing two 12V mobility scooter batteries. In order to help you when buying, our website is set up so you automatically buy two mobility scooter batteries, however, please note that the price shown is per battery.

To choose the correct battery for your scooter you need to check the capacity (otherwise known as the Ah rating) of your existing batteries. To do this you may have to open up the battery case and look for any markings on the batteries, or if you still have the manufacturers brochure, it will state in there the Ah capacity of your batteries. Our mobility scooter batteries are categorised by their Ah value, i.e. 7Ah Mobility Scooter Batteries, 10Ah Mobility Scooter Batteries, 12Ah  Mobility Scooter Batteries, 22Ah Mobility Scooter Batteries, 26Ah Mobility Scooter Batteries, 33Ah Mobility Scooter Batteries, 42Ah Mobility Scooter Batteries, 55Ah Mobility Scooter Batteries, 75Ah Mobility Scooter Batteries and 100Ah Mobility Scooter Batteries.

Our batteries are either sealed lead-acid AGM or gel batteries (7Ah & 10Ah are AGM only). If you live in a particularly hilly area, or you go on long journeys, we would recommend that you buy the gel batteries. A gel battery has a longer discharge cycle and should last longer between charges.

These mobility scooter batteries DO vary is physical size, so please remember to make sure you are buying like-for-like replacement batteries. Refer to your scooters User Manual for more details if you are unsure. If you have any questions feel free to get in in touch with one of our mobility battery specialists.

If you have any further questions, have a look at our FAQ page for more information about mobility scooter batteries.

Important VAT news. Due to recent changes in the law mobility batteries are NO longer eligible for VAT exemption. As we only supply, and do not fit the batteries, in accordance with HMRC guidelines we cannot offer VAT exemption.

Our prices shown include VAT and is for one battery only. When you click 'Add to Cart' two batteries will be added to your order automatically.